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Blue Ox Weight Distribution & Sway Control Hitches

The Blue Ox SwayPro utilizes the latest in weight distributing technology, sometimes called an equlizer hitch. This is the weight distribution and sway control hitch you need to level your truck & trailer, giving you a better ride and sway control.    

The rotating latches enable you to hook up spring bars quicker and with less hassle than the competition. Just lay the chain on the latch and rotate it to the locking position. These latches are available as Clamp-On or Bolt-On. The clamp on model latch slips on your trailer and is secured with a set bolt; this allows you to easily move it to different trailers. The bolt on model latch, you drill holes and bolt it to your trailer making it more permanent to your trailer. An example of which one to purchase, the model BXW0550 comes with a clamp on latch, the BXW0551 comes with a bolt on latch and the rest of the hitch is the same.