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Gooseneck Hitches and Gooseneck Couplers from Hitches & Couplers Inc.

We are located in and ship from the central United States. We are an authorized PopUp Towing Products dealer. All of our products are Brand New current models, unless clearly indicated. We ship the same or next business day via UPS ground. If by chance your ordered item is not in stock, we will email, and or phone you to let you know. For quantity Dealer pricing, please contact us.

Hitches & Couplers, Inc. sells the best for less:  “PopUp Towing Products”.

The best and easiest to install Gooseneck hitches, PopUp Towing Products, Flip-Over Gooseneck Hitch, the retractable PopUp2 Gooseneck Hitch, and the Flip-Over semi-tractor Gooseneck Hitch. You do not have to lower the exhaust on any Ford Super Duty including 2011 with PopUp Gooseneck Hitches.

A Short Bed Gooseneck Coupler gives more room for trailer swing and hookup and has a premium self latching gooseneck coupler. Short Bed Gooseneck Couplers come in 9 and 16 inches of off-set.

King Pin Extension, the RV5 adds 10 inches of new clearance for shorter turns and more clearance between your truck and RV. This RV King Pin Extender is strong and easy to install.

5th Wheel To Gooseneck Adapters from PopUp Towing Products lets you tow your fifth-wheel (king Pin) trailer with a gooseneck hitch. The RV To Gooseneck Adapters are the strongest, safest and most versatile King Pin Adapters made. The RV to Gooseneck Adapters are from zero to 9 inches of off-set for short bed or long bed trucks. There are RV to Gooseneck Adapters for Flat Bed Trucks.

Gooseneck Cushion Couplers absorbs up to 59% of the bumps, jolts and jars. The Gooseneck Cushion Couplers come in zero to 9” of off-set for more trailer swing and hookup for short bed or long bed trucks. The Gooseneck Cushion Couplers have PopUp Towing Products, Self Latching Gooseneck Coupler.

Magnum Lift Systems:  Made in the USA

Electric Trailer Jack Conversion.  Convert your manual two speed jack to electric.  Electrify your manual trailer jack.

Electric hydraulic Trailer Jack.  Designed with rugged tube-in-tube construction.  Never crank that trailer jack again.

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution & Sway Control Hitches:

Blue Ox SwayPro is a Weight Distribution Hitch sometimes called an equalizer hitch and it has built in Sway Control. The Blue Ox SwayPro weight distribution hitch allows you to level your tow vehicle and trailer allowing headlights to be aim normal, gain towing traction, not over-loading the tow vehicle’s rear springs and stopping trailer swing.

Blue Ox Towing products for towing vehicles:

Blue Ox Tow Bars attach to your RV or tow vehicle and attach to the Base Plates of the towed vehicle. The Blue Ox Tow Bars come in a number of tow weights, 3 axis swivel, spherical joints, from basic to state of the art tow bars. Blue Ox Tow Bars are available for RV tow bars, Commercial tow bars, and Industrial / Military tow bars and available from 5,000 pounds to 120,000 pounds of towed vehicle capacity.

Blue Ox Base Plates attach to the towed vehicle is designed to use existing holes and hardware for mounting and is vehicle specific.  

Blue Ox Braking Systems are for towed vehicles. The Patriot braking system by Blue Ox proportionally applies the brakes while you’re slowing down to a smooth stop.  A wireless system monitors all brake functions that continuously communicates with the braking system from your RV motor home or tow vehicle. The Patriot braking system is easy to set-up and self-calibration is with the push of one button. With the Patriot you can adjust the amount of braking from your RV or tow vehicle.

Blue Ox TruCenter Steering Controls:

Blue Ox TruCenter Steering Controls are for a RV motor home. The Blue Ox TruCenter keeps you in the middle of the lane with cross winds, uneven pavement, or a front-tire blowout. The TruCenter Steering Controls can create a new center position, simply push and hold the button when you are ready for a new position. The Blue Ox TruCenter Steering Controls exerts up to 270 pounds of pressure to keep you at your center position and you can depend on TruCenter to perform in the most stringent driving conditions for years.

Blue Ox TigerTrak Stabilizer bars:

Blue Ox TigerTrak Superior stabilizing track bars.  If you drive a front engine gas motorhome, you’ve experienced the rear end wagging as the body shifts from side to side. TigerTark from Blue Ox virtually eliminates tail wag. TigerTrak fits most motorhomes. TigerTrak stabilizing track bars install easy with only basic tools.

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